Seamless Client Side Mocks

Mimic is a seamless mocking tool that runs inside your browser.
No configuration needed!

Easy Integration Testing

No need to replace network dependencies, set a mock programatically and to test out different scenarios of your application.

Keeping in sync

Easily share your mocks across your team using your version control system such as Git, Mercurial, SVN and more.

API Documentation

Generate specifications from your mocks to send to the server team to implement. (Coming Soon)

Getting Started

  # Install Mimic in your project
  npm install --save-dev mimic

  # Import Mimic in your application
  import 'mimic';


When done you should see the Mimic icon on the lower right corner of your application.

Make client side development fun

When building web applications, you are in a dynamic environment. In most cases you are not alone working on the project, you are dependent on implementations of server features which you need to wait for to finish your feature.

Mimic allows you to continue coding as if the server was ready using easily created mocks while testing various scenarios of server responses or delays so you can continue to finish your feature.

You don't need to change anything in your code once the server is ready, just turn off your mock and everything is good to go.